About Us

Nar Film has established in 2009. In the very same year Nar Film incorporated Özcan Alper’s award-winning, first feature film “Autumn” which has screened all around the world in international film festivals. The company has produced various corporate documentaries, commercial films and long featured cinema films. Many international co-production to the film project films at major festivals the world signing and success,Nar Film when it is performed in recent years  Narrative Content writers under the name of the group is an expert in the field of film television and digital platforms continues to produce projects.


2022 Black Night (In Festival Release) Dir. Ozcan Alper

2022 Festival Of Troubadours ( Netflix Original, Co-Production), Dir. Ozcan Alper

2020 Shadow Of Violence(Short, Co-Production , Holland-Turkey), Dir: İbrahim Karatay

2020 Once Again Leyla(Co-Producer, Feature Film), Dir: Barış Hancıoğulları

 2018  Among The Ruins (Documentary Animation),  Dir: Özcan Alper

2016 My Father’s Wings (Feature Film), Dir. Kıvanç Sezer

2015 Memories of the Wind (Feature Film), Dir. Özcan Alper

2013 Saroyanland ( Long Docu-drama), Dir: Lusin Dink

2011 Future Lasts Forever (Feature Film), Dir: Özcan Alper

2008 Autumn (Feature Film), Dir: Özcan Alper